March 4

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Today’s “One Voice” post features “Infinite Love for Natalie Grace.” Read this FB post from today and you will understand why we love Natalie and her family so much….To have your organization or group listed on the One Voice page of our website, please e-mail us at [email protected] Each day of the year we will feature a different group here on FB. -Mike
When all of this started back in August we were told that within the first two weeks Natalie would start losing her hair, and soon after it would all be gone. She did start to thin out big time just as they said, but she never lost it comp…letely. In fact, it took six months for it to finally come out! They promised that with the Doxorubicin starting up again, she’d lose the rest for sure, and indeed she did. I was never too concerned with the hair loss because Natalie is three so I really didn’t think she was at an age where it would affect her too much (especially since she’s more or less house bound and never around other kiddies anyway).

Regardless, we have been prepping Natalie for the hair loss for some time now. Naturally we never made a big deal out of it when if fell out clumps at a time. Instead we’d either keep a neutral face, or if I saw she had noticed a very large clump, then I’d give a look of excitement because it meant that mommy could see her sweet face even more clearly which made me happy. Just when I thought the hair loss didn’t matter to Natalie, she randomly said to me one day (before it was all gone), “Mommy, how am I going to be a girl with no hair.” Wow…so she was clearly aware, enough at least where that’s how she determines herself as being a girl. Without getting into the biology of it, I explained to Natalie the best I could about what makes her a girl, certainly not the length of her hair. I then reminded her of our female friends in clinic who also have no hair, etc. She felt better, and now that her hair is officially gone, we’ve made such a big deal of it in a positive light that she’s okay with it now. She and I did another one of our “shoots” last week and I could tell that she was once again in her glory…I could tell in her facial expressions that there was pride, and that she KNOWS that she’s beautiful with or without her hair.

She went from thinning hair, to no hair in less then a week…it was pretty crazy. We started carrying around a lint brush because there would be an insane amount of hair left wherever she rested her head (which she hated)…so she started getting into the habit of rolling the lint brush on her pillow before laying down.

This picture is of Natalie’s brush…that hair you see is from a single sweep across her head. I took this photo to turn a negative into a positive…as I say to her, now I can REALLY see that beautiful face, and all the better for sweet kisses and snuggles!

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