Dear Mr. President…

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Cole doesn’t give up easily and neither do we. We are re-posting his letter with a different photo just in case the President was busy last week and didn’t have time to check his Facebook.

Please share this post so that Cole’s Letter Reaches President Obama. We are confident that he will eventually sign the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act but every bit of encouragement helps! Here is Cole’s very compelling letter…

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Cole and I am 13 years old. You and I have some things in common. Like you, I have mixed heritage, my mom is a single mom, and I love playing sports. Like you I’ve always been really advanced in school and I believe I have a purpose to make a difference in the world.

I bet your childhood wasn’t always easy, and for me, I have the challenge of fighting cancer. I have battled a rare childhood cancer for more than half of my life. My doctors never expected me to survive this long, but I defied the odds. But in all these years there’s been almost no progress made in treating my cancer. And I’m not alone. Lots of kids I know have fought hard and many died anyway. Lots have bad lifelong effects from their treatments.

Today there are over 40,000 kids actively fighting cancer in this country. We desperately need funding and research so kids like me have a chance at growing up and being healthy. Kids are our future – future leaders, researchers, doctors, engineers and philosophers.

We are losing so much potential, kids lives who may have changed the world. Kids like me, Gabriella Miller, Talia Castellano and so many more… Who knows?… I could be the next Barack Obama.

Please help me and the many others kids like me so we have a fighting chance against cancer. The Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act is on its way to your desk. Please sign this important legislation which will help children fighting cancer and other pediatric illnesses.

Sincerely, and with HOPE always,



Special thanks to photographer Patrick Schneider

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