The Truth 365 Partners with the Professional Children’s School in NYC

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Introducing a new childhood cancer awareness campaign by The Truth 365 and the Professional Children’s School (PCS) in New York City. PCS senior and Truth 365 volunteer Stefania Mennella launched this campaign with the help of her fellow students.Edit1 sophia 500px

PCS is unique in that it specializes in educating students who are simultaneously pursuing artistic careers. We are grateful that these talented students have volunteered to be a voice for all children fighting cancer. We will be posting more photos in the coming days and weeks.

Special thanks to Sophia Stefanopoulos and 24 of her classmates for appearing in our series of ads. Hats off to New York photographer Nick Ruechel for donating his time and talents for this project. Props to Andrea Verdone for connecting us with Nick. Also thank you to Alex Shaurette, head of the upper school at PCS, for allowing Stefania to carry out her vision. Last but not least, thank you to cancer survivor Ali Trotta who is featured in the frame that Sophia is holding.

Oh, and please sign the petition if you haven’t already. The link is:

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