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“My name is Mattia. My 13-year-old little sister Talia died by my side after her six and half year battle with cancer.”

“My name is Donna and my grandson Declan lost his battle with cancer eight days shy of his 1st birthday.”

“My name is Camille. My teenage son Frankie lost his life to two cancers.  The toxic treatment for the first cancer gave him a secondary cancer.”

Did you know that childhood cancer kills more children than any other disease in America?  Yet the National Cancer Institute spends less than 4% of its annual $5 billion budget on pediatric cancer research. We believe that our elected leaders have an obligation to protect our most vulnerable citizens by making childhood cancer research a national priority.

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I, the undersigned, urge the President and Congress to take leadership roles by making pediatric cancer research a national priority in the budget. In addition, I ask the President to require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop and implement a national plan for the advancement of childhood cancer research across all appropriate functions of the Department.

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