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Final Truth 365 logo white
Final Truth 365 logo white

Founded in 2012, The Truth 365 is the Emmy Award-winning grass-roots documentary film and

social media campaign that gives a voice to all children fighting all forms of cancer. 

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The Truth 365 spreads awareness of childhood cancer through social

media campaigns and events.

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The Truth 365 gives a voice to children fighting cancer and their families by advocating on Capitol Hill and beyond. 

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100% of funds raised through The Truth 365 go directly to cutting-edge childhood cancer research.

"The Truth 365 has given me a voice and I am so grateful. I used to be embarrassed

that I had cancer but I learned that I could help and inspire others.  The Truth 365 has helped me find my purpose in life. I am making a difference!"

~Lily Constance Weaver

Latest News and Stories

The goal of The Truth 365 is to educate and mobilize millions of people through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other social networking platforms. 


100% of funds raised through The Truth 365 go to childhood cancer research.

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