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$325,000 in Pediatric Research Grants!

Just Announced! The Truth 365 co-funds six research grants through A Collaborative Pediatric Cancer Research Program totaling $325,000! Special thanks to the dedicated childhood cancer advocates and foundations that helped make this happen!

Here are the grant awardees:

Grant 1 - $75,000: University of Chicago - Samuel Volchenboum, Osteosarcoma

Grant 2 - $50,000: University of Florida - Elias Sayour, Osteosarcoma

Grant 3 - $50,000: Massachusetts General Hospital - David Langenau, Rhabdomyosarcoma

Grant 4 - $50,000: Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago - Rintaro Hashizume, AT/RT

Grant 5 - $50,000: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Carolyn Felix, AML

Grant 6 - $50,000: Dana Farber Cancer Institute - Brian Crompton, Ewing Sarcoma

These are in addition to the numerous grants we have funded over the years for all types of childhood cancer.

The photo is of our national spokesperson and friend, Lily Weaver. We fight in her honor and memory every day!

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